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When your dog visits us for a full groom he/she will receive the following treatments:

  • Thorough grooming to remove all dead hair and tangles and whatever else your dog may have picked up whilst out walking!

  • Nail cutting keeping the toenails neat stops the risk of long nails catching or growing back into the pad.

  • Ear cleaning many breeds require the hair to be plucked from the ear canal to prevent ear infections and ear canker all dogs have their ears cleaned to remove wax and debris.

  • Bathing all dogs are bathed using hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners. We stock a range of products and will select according to your dogs coat and skin requirements. If you have a shampoo recommended by your veterinary surgeon, bring this with you for us to use.

  • Styling using clippers and scissors please feel free to speak to us about the trim that would be best suited to both you and your dog.

Groom Mates! is an established dog grooming salon based in Stratton St Margaret, Swindon.

We provide a friendly and relaxed approach to grooming to ensure that your dog is happy to visit us time and time again. This is extremely important as having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis is an essential part of his or her care.

Regular grooming will promote well being and will ensure your dog is comfortable and free from the irritation of dead hair build up. Not only will this make your dog look and feel good it will also dramatically reduce the amount of loose hairs around your home.

Groom Mates! staff are qualified to diploma level and this covers professional dog grooming (brushing, bathing, drying, clipping, scissoring, ear cleaning and nail clipping) for various breeds of dogs and also includes hand stripping.

Hand Stripping

Groom Mates! is pleased to offer hand stripping as one of its services, if you have a breed that is traditionally hand stripped and you are keen to opt for this then we would be happy to check your dogs coat for suitability.

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